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Welcome to my new blog and website! I've imported a few posts from my past blogs as well.

Theory of Gibbs posterior concentration

Notes on some research in progress.

The Credibility of confidence intervals

When p < 0.05 provides evidence in favor of the null...

Bayesian Optimalities

Some notes regarding various 'optimalities' of posterior distributions.

Global bounds for the Jensen functional

Some techniques to bound the Jensen functional.

Two sampling algorithms for trigonometric densities

A short description of the post.

The Significance of the adjusted R squared coefficient

A sound re-interpretation of the adjusted $R^2$ value for model comparison.

3D data visualization with WebGL/Three.js

ISM at the Eureka! Science Festival!

Closed curve reconstruction using periodic splines, fused ridge and minimal hamiltonian cycles

Bayesian numerical analysis

An analysis problem

Constructive approximation of compact hypersurfaces

Short proof: critical points in invariant domains

"When mixing coffee in your favorite mug, at every instant a particule is staying still."

Loomis-Whitney type inequality for quasi-balls?

Tubular neighborhoods

Complete proof of the tubular neighborhood theorem for submanifolds of euclidean space. I was unable to find an elementary version in the litterature.

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